Saturday, 19 November 2011

Question timeeeeeeee

Considering im pretty new to all this blogging malarky, and since you guys dont know much about me i figured why not give you the oportunity to get to know me :) ive come up with  a few boring basic questions but pleaseeeeeeeeee put some more in the comments box as i love a good challenge and i want  you to feel like you know me a bit better :). I will answer any questions as honestly as i can!

Here's a few basics that i thought of:-

What is your full name?
My full name is Amanda Jane Read. Jane is my mums first name so thats where the inspiration sprung from i guess :)
How old are you?
I am a young 16 *awh*
When is your birthday?
My birthday is on the 21st of February
Do you have any pets?
Yes, i have 3 cats, lily, malcolm and alfie. I used to have the standard hamster and gerbils too..
What is your size?
I am a wee 6/8
How tall are you?
I am a very small 5 ft.. very in proportion but just a miniature version haha!
Do you go to school or college?
Iam currently in my first year at college where i am doing a course in Business and Administration level 2!  
What do you do in your spare time?
To be honest, i dont do much in my spare time... the standard going out with friends, chilling at home, going out to the shops, i also love getting into a really good book! i used to do dancing and gymnastics when i was younger but quit when i was about 12/13. Most of my time goes into college and going to work at Burtons in Bluewater
Who inspires you?
All sorts, it varies from person to person. My main inspiration i guess is Lauren Conrad i just love her style, hair, personality and how loyal she is
Guilty pleasure...
Take that, they were amazing on their progress tour!!!
Pet hates...
People who eat with their mouth open&when people flick through the channels watch something for like 2 minutes then flick over to another channel   
Favourite food...
EEEEEEK! was dreading this question, i have so many favourite foods its gooing to be one heck of a list! chinese takeaway, indian takeaway, dominoes pizza, roast dinner the list is endless! guess my main addictions at the moment are egg sandwiches or cheesy beans on toast...and roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings! oh wow, you must think im so greedy!
Favourite shop...
ummmmmmmm, primark is good for getting decent stuff for a good price, though you do have to be careful. i guess miss selfridge is my ultimate fav but i do like river island and topshop too

Unfortunately, that is really all i can think of at the moment, if theres anything that you would like to know about me or anything in the questions below just pop it in the comments below :) 

i do hope that some of you put aksk some stuff otherwise its gunna be a tad embarassing lol

Gunna leave you with a few pictures of me and stuff.....

Looks like i have a floating head hahah!
Wee bit drunk at an 18th surprise party.. Dress from topshop :)

Awhh, July time, chilling with the girls in my naked face *puke*

With my best friends at the same party! at the bar, alcoholics lol

yes, my naked face again....

veryyy posh dress from riverisland, courtsey of my auntie :)

ummm, yes. cute.

Me when i was 14 or 15, only 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theres a nice collection of photos that i could find on my facebook!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I was watching the Notebook the other day! Best film ever, for people who havent seen it yet! ARE YOU MAD?!

Anyway, i noticed that during a scene near the beginning of the film, half of Rachel McAdams' (if i got that right) arm was missing?! dont know if that was setu p on purpose or wotnot, but i dont see why her arm needs to be gone?!

How odd?! 

Monday, 14 November 2011


YAYAY! christmas season is slowly approaching us!! its so cosy, warm fluffy slippers, scarves + gloves, fires burning, soups, christmas dresses, christmas songs in the shops!! aaaaaah i love it so much! only downer is that i have to work long hours til late dealing with busy, rude christmas shoppers! other than that, i loves it!!

i stupidly went to bluewater on a saturday (busiest day ever!) i hated it so muchit was soooo busy, i cant shop in busy shops when you have to push past literally everyone and you can't have a good look around and i got fed up of not being able to have a good splash out like i originally planned too! However, i did get a few bits&bobs! Starting in superdrug.. i needed a new mascara and my previous one which i had used religiously for about a year was starting to get clumpy and drying out soo fast! maybe they changed an ingredient i dont know, but i didnt like it... so i tried a maybelline falsies mascara and i love it!! ive only used it twice but the first day that i did i went to work and people were complimenting how long my eyelashes look, i mean, ive been blessed with reasonablly long eyelashes anyway but this mascara made them look doubly long which i look for in a mascara as i think long eyelashes look really feminime and girly! so for £8 i am realllllly pleased!! i also got from natural collection a blusher, its cheap, its pinky, it suits my skin tone and its the 3rd tub that ive used in 'sweet cheeks'... happy me! :D i also needed a new face cleaning spoty thing and i found a decent one from neutrogena 3 in 1 spot defier (or something like that) and i used it that night by swigging some of the liquid onto a pad and was so shocked at the colour of the pad!! it was a grey dull colour, so my face must have been really dirty, so i decided to do it again, really wish i hadnt as the next day my face was soooo greasy! and putting my foundation was awful, and kept on having to put powder on and blotting the oil off... not happy specially as i had work that morning and under those lights i bet i looked really patchy and greasy :(((( BAD MOVE! other than that, i was really good and i could feel my face stinging with cleanness!

i then went to topshop.. as i predicted it was manic! i only managed to come out with a cute black and white stripy over sized knitted jumper, it goes really nicely with leggings and boots and a belt round the middle! plussss i'd seen a few blogs from a girl called zoe about the topshop lipsticks.. so i decided to try one, so glad i did cos i loveeee it! its so nourishing and moisturising and applys really well and is in such pretty packing and is a gorgeous colour and i was just so happy with it, and the colour was infared!!!

finally, the last thing i was soooo happy about was i managed to get a christmas dress for Burton christmas partyyy YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYA WOOOOOOOOOOO! i had been loooking and looking and looking for the perfect dress and i dont know whether it was me or i was looking too early for sparkly dresses but something wasnt right til i walked into Miss Selfridge and saw it on a model, thought it was cute and pretty but i wanted to keep looking, went to 4 other shops and still nothing so my mum insisted going back to miss selfridge and trying it on, so glad i did cos it was so pretty very partyiey gorgeous colour and slightly unique which i liked aboout it! i tried both 6 and 8 but the 6 fitted just that bit snugger where as the 8 was a bit roomy for me and too long! (im only a wee 5ft) it was originally £45 but cos i work in Burtons (part of the arcadia gang) i get 25% off in Miss S, Topshop, Topman, Evans, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Burtons so i got it for £33.60summit.... YIPEEEEEEEEEEE! decided im gunna wear it with some plain black boot heels that i ordered off ebay £19.99 and £3.99 p+p CHEAPO! and chunky gold jewellry so now im veryvery happy and excited to partay!

Zee dress!

ps sorry i dont put many photos up, i dont something to my blackberry when setting it up which means it wont sent pictures to computer.. not too worry! iphone 4s upgrade in less than a month *yays*

Saturday, 5 November 2011


ive realised ive been absent from here for about 5/6 days! so rude of me lol.. i wish i could say its because ive been off doing some amazing, fantastic things and i just ran out of time but honestly... i cant, how boring! ive actually been going through a break up at the moment *boohoo* we were together for a year and a half and i guess things just ran dry.. still gutted at the fact that were not longer together but were good mates and i guess thats always a bonus! anyway i dont wanna become all morbid and talk about breakups and depressing things lol. Just a quick mention to say that Beyonce is a GODDESS i just love listening to her, she makes me feel like strong and powerful and really lightens up my mood, plus she's gorgeous too!

woohoo its firework night tonight! sadly i was working the evening when gravesend done their fireworks! as a kid i used to love it, they used to set up like a fun-fair on the prom grounds and we used to go on them all! then we'd go and watch the fireworks off of the boat in the thames. but tonight im going to go to Blackheath in London where they have a massive firework display so im looking forward to that :) 

im so sorry that nothing that i write about is that interesting or informative, im still getting going 

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Yeah, not a very exciting picture.. just showing you that i did eventually get round to painting the Halloween nails. wish i could have had little pumpkins or ghost stickers on them, they look a bit boring :(
The black nail varnish i used was from opi, it was a weeny teeny little bottle that i got in a gift set from christmas, i never used it before as i was loyal to my barry m one, but that had ran out so i had no choice! i actually really like this nail varnish it dried within seconds, only downside was it isn't shiny like normal nailvarnishes, it look more like i had rubbed coal or tarmac on my nail... not a great look! The orange was from N.Y.C i bought this as a last minute thing when i was going to a surprise party and had an orange dress on so i thought it was be good to incorporate the colour to my hands! it was just an ordinary nail varnish, a reasonably big bottle so hopefully it will last a while, it had a nice big brush too so when i was painting it my nails it spread the colour over evenly plus i didn't have to keep dibbing it in the pot to get more nailvarnish on it.

Oh and for those watching x-factor this evening... don't you think that alexandra burke was getting waaaaaaaaaay too big for her boots this evening, i thought she would be a lot more gentle and sympathetic with the contestants. What was with the '' why was she quoting a fashion magazine? haha. Anyway, it seemed to me like she was just trying to fill kellys 'american' shoes, she was also quite rude to louie too but he does deserve it at times! i love janet and she is amazing. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Ahhhh, Halloween is coming up soon, I loved halloween when I was younger getting dressed up and free sweets, I would do it now if I could! Yet, I still have no plans yet... boohoo. I thought to get in the mood I would paint my nails orange and black, though I haven't actually done it yet guess that will be my task of the day! Oh, and to try out my new rollers which arrived this morning *yipeee*. I'm not too sure why I actually ordered them I dont know anyone that actually owns a pair of rollers, I know that they created volume and curls but as my hair is naturally wavvy I didnt really need them, but they were 2 pound on ebay and I was having shopping withdrawel symptoms. So there they were on my kitchen table waiting to be used today...

Payday is tomorrow WAHEYYYYYYYYYYYYY cannot begin to even start my list of things that I wanna get, I keep telling myself not to spend as I'm savign for Newyork in easter, but with winter season approaching and so many cute knitted jumpers and scarves and boots it's hard to pull myself away from Bluewater! I have lived off £35 (I got moved from weekly pay to monthly pay hence the low figure) for a whole month, until my work decided to give me a uniform slip which gave me up to £75 to spend in Topshop but then I got 60% off so I actually spent £30!! :D (must thank Burton for being so good to me) 

Damn, I was meant to talk about Halloween and completely went off topic!